Broadcom USH (BCM5880) Drivers for Dell Latitude E-Series

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From BCM5880 Product Information:

“The Broadcom BCM5880 secure applications processor combines platform identification, personal identification and data protection in a single chip and includes an integrated Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 1.2 device, as well as the credential “vault” capability. It also integrates many of the authentication applications available today, such as one-time-password (OTP), fingerprint readers, smart cards, and contactless readers, into silicon, where they all can be centrally managed and utilized as part of multi-factor authentication policies”.

The chipset is Broadcom BCM5880, and is listed under Device Manager as “Broadcom Unified Security Hub CV w/fingerprint sensor”. There is no separate entry in “Device Manager” for “Contactless Smartcard reader”. This chipset also contains a secuity processor, contacted smartcard support, fingerprint reader support, TPM v1.2, and a so-called “credentials vault” (CV).

Many of the same features available in the TPM is also available in the Credentials Vault. The biggest differences seems to be that CV is enabled by default, but TPM must be manually activated in BIOS (according to the requirements by the Trusted Computing Group). The TPM interface is standardized, while CV is not. Also, when authenticating to the chip (updates/modifications etc), the TPM only supports passwords, while CV supports smartcards and fingerprints as well.

The compatible card technologies for this reader:


Dell ControlPoint Security Device Driver Pack, v.1.3.043, A13 for Windows 7 or  8/8.1

It also includes drivers for:
Broadcom Trusted Platform Module
Atmel Trusted Platform Module
STMicroelectronics Trusted Platform Module
Winbond Trusted Platform Module
O2Micro Smart Card Reader
Dell Smart Card Keyboard
UPEK TouchChip Fingerprint Reader
Authentec Fingerprint Reader
Vista Storage Driver Update (for ATAPI.SYS)

Firmware Update
Latest Driver

Firmware Update
Latest Driver

You can read this article to get information on how to enroll a Contactless SmartCard and configure Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA) to use the Contactless SmartCard.

(Personally tested on E6410 from 2010 on Windows 8.1)

Based on the article on a blog.

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